Hello everyone, great to be back sharing my diaries with you!  And my goodness hasn’t the weather been fantastic, it is so great to be able to wear some sexy, skimpy summer dresses.

I have been a busy little bee, taking advantage of the warm weather to dance outside, it has been great slowly going back to a more normal existence. Not that my life is all that normal and nor would I want it to be. I love my exciting life, with beautiful experiences that I am delighted to share with you.

So last week, I received a call to visit one of my regular clients at his house. Being a busy entrepreneur, he runs his business from home and wanted a few hours of escapism. Upstairs, in his sumptuous master bedroom, all of his favourite toys were laid out with a good range of leather paddles, whips, riding crops and straps. Today he wanted to play a little game where I had to choose six of these implements for him to use on me. To start the session there was some lovely over the knee spanking, which tends to send me into another dreamy realm.

He really loves the fact that I am an ex ballet dancer, and that I still work hard to maintain my flexibility so he makes me hold a number of increasingly provocative poses while he enjoys running his eyes all over my body.

Now for the fun part of our game as he makes me lay down on his fully, electrically, adjustable chair, ready to position me as he needs. As he steadily works his way through the implements that I have previously selected, it is obvious that I am enjoying myself too much, as I jump when he suddenly tickles me. To finish the session, he slowly rubs some lovely cream onto my beautiful spanked bottom, leaving me to wonder where the time went. I have to admit to myself that I am probably addicted to my wonderful double life I live, and the adrenaline rush I receive after each session.

For the moment we all still need to be careful but can go out and enjoy life a bit more now. Hopefully soon it could be one of you picking up the phone and I can be over your knee one day this summer!

Until next time sending you big hugs.

 Love Lilly. X